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Let's partner to build happy, motivated, distributed teams ready for the future of work. 

About Me

About Me

Learn more about my training style and passionate approach to development programming by reading what others are saying.

I work closely with my clients to deliver virtual training solutions to meet their needs.  If you are looking to reskill your people for hybrid work or enable your managers to coach top performance in the new world of work, then now is the time to invest in development.

Over my career, I have worked:

  • across Australia and the United States,

  • in the education sector and private sector,

  • with 100 - 10,000 people organisations,

  • with consultants, academics, IT specialists, veterinarians, and so on.

This diverse experience allows me to empathise with teams' and leaders' unique challenges. 


As a kid, I loved sudokus, logic problems, and learning. As an adult, I still seek out patterns but now they are in strategy, stakeholder feedback, and user needs; to co-design highly customised and practical workshops and development projects with impact.

I am driven to build engaging virtual learning experiences for all levels of staff, which teach them skills and challenges them to interrogate their mindset. I believe that everyone deserves to have a career they love that allows them to do well and be well at the same time. My facilitation style is approachable, practical, and highly engaging. 

I am an accredited DISC Advanced facilitator and a graduate of the University of Sydney, Australia.

Audience in Lecture


"Sam is methodical and dedicated in her approach, always trying to obtain the right outcome for the client by tailoring content and making it as interactive and engaging as possible."

Contact Me

Contact Me

Reach out if you are a fellow L&D nerd, or if you are looking for virtual training to give yourself or your teams the mindset and skill sets to succeed in the new world of hybrid work. 

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